John has over thirty years experience as a remedial massage therapist and teacher of massage.

He massaged the dancers of The Australian Ballet at the Sydney Opera House during their Sydney seasons for ten years, and worked at a physiotherapy and pilates clinic in Sydney. He teaches his own post-graduate massage workshops and has taught massage at TAFE. Prior to training as a massage therapist he was a teacher in NSW state high schools. John is a member of the Association of Massage Therapists Ltd (AMT), Member 2-6751.

John offers remedial massage treatments from his clinic in Katoomba. Depending on a client’s needs, a treatment may be purely remedial, or it can include relaxation massage within the context of working on soft tissue problems.

A variety of bodywork approaches may be used, including Myofascial Release, Muscle Energy Technique, Positional Release, deep tissue techniques, transverse friction massage and trigger point therapy.

Testimonial by M.L. Wentworth Falls

“From time to time I have musculoskeletal issues and have been having regular massages with John as part of a recovery regimen from an RSI injury and as maintenance and for well-being. John is extremely professional and modifies his work to whatever issues present at the time of consultation. He listens carefully and has a widespread knowledge of anatomy, advanced massage skills and many years of clinical experience. I very much like how John assesses the problematic region and straight away continues on to the relevant treatment. He is attentive, present and caring and I have never left a session with him without experiencing relief, freedom of movement, flexibility and a deep sense of relaxation.”

John uses a range of techniques, and has a special interest in Myofascial Release. This technique primarily targets fascia, a bodywide system of connective tissue that weaves continuously throughout the body and surrounds muscles and other structures.

Many problems, such as chronic pain or discomfort, or long-term postural problems, respond well to Myofascial Release. It can be applied in a variety of ways, such as very gently across the skin when stronger pressures aggravate pain, or gently lifting superficial tissues away from the body so as not to elicit the pain response in unhappy deeper tissues, or it may be applied with a strong, broad pressure to target deeper structures. Adhesions and scar tissue may be made more pliable with Myofascial Release.

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